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Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Unacceptable Shitty Job

The only problem with putting people in cages is, someone has to watch them the whole time they're in the cage, to make sure they stay alive and relatively healthy, so they can stay in the cage for whatever arbitrary time-period deemed appropriate by the all-knowing and wise-beings who decide such things. Then, after staying in the cage for this arbitrary period of time set by the all-knowing and wise-beings, they are then allowed to leave the cage, never more to commit such cage-deserving acts. (We hope.) Now, no one person could do this "watching job" 24/7, as the person responsible for doing all the watching would, in effect, be incarcerated himself, making it a very shitty job indeed. I'm sure there's some wise saying about this very realization, but I can't remember exactly what the hell it is, so I'll just stammer on here the best I can, trying to explain why, for the most part, I'm against locking people up in cages, at least for any extended period of time.

Basically, I think it's hypocritical. I'll try to explain why, but obviously, as evidenced by the reality of the prison system today, far many more people don't, and believe locking people up in cages is a good thing and "are all for it". However, they’re "all for it", as long as someone else performs the aforementioned shitty job of watching the people put in the cages to make sure they stay alive and in the cage. If they had to do the watching all by themselves... well, they simple wouldn't. It's kind of like a war, many people believe in sending someone else to go fight it, but when it comes to going themselves, they're not so enthusiastic about the idea. Any ideas of punishment, correction or even justice are secondary. They're still not going to be the one who enforces any of these concepts, or any other, whatever it might be, that supports locking people up in cages. Someone else is going to do that for them. That's how you get around the hypocrisy of believing in one thing while at the same time doing the opposite. You simply hire someone else to do what you yourself would not.

Even still, as mentioned above, no hireling is stupid enough to agree to do the job 24/7 all by themselves, no matter how much they’d be paid, because obviously if you're locked up in cage yourself making boku bucks for watching people in cages, then it wouldn’t really matter how much money you were paid because, being locked up in the cage yourself, you wouldn't be able to spend it all anyway. It would be unacceptable. It would simply be one big shitty unacceptable job. So what happens? They, the folks who believe in putting people in cages, divide the one big shitty unacceptable job of keeping people locked up in cages into many little more supposedly-acceptable jobs of keeping people locked up in cages. It's still the same big shitty job of keeping someone locked up in a cage, except now it's just broken down into a lot of little more acceptable jobs done by many people, thus creating the illusion of many little acceptable jobs that replace the one big shitty unacceptable job. But if you do the one little so-called acceptable job long enough, sooner or later you come to find it's still the same unacceptable shitty job, a mere holograph of the original big unacceptable shitty job of keeping people locked up in cages. And that’s where I soon found myself, in an unacceptable shitty job.