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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Hollywood Movies Producers Please Call Me ASAP

[Note to World: "It's up to me how I see you." ]


Some serious consequences there, if that statement above is in fact true. That means I have to look into myself and see what's REALLY bothering me. And that can scare the bajesus out of you sometimes, like you're drowning out in the middle of the ocean, struggling for your breath.... but the air is there. The air is always there. The air is God. The air is God because the truth is either everything is God or nothing is God. And if God is the former, then even nothing like air is something. Yep. God is air. He's the space around the air, if there is such a thing. God cannot be outdone. "He already outdone the outdone, bein' outdone by Himself numerous times on the 'count of His infinitudity." (Grandpa Kengal) And that's okay. That's a good thing, because that means we can relax. We don't really have to worry about anything. He's got our backs. And then some. Just gotta have a little faith sometimes, that's all.

Does that sound like a big deal? Maybe it's not such a big deal at all? Maybe all that initial realization above does is to help change one's "direction of will"? Will is still will. You can't get rid of it. Even if you will yourself just to sit there and do nothing, there's still will involved. You're just willing yourself to sit there and do nothing. So you still have to will, or work. And I mean "work" in the most general sense here, as like "to operate", to function, to be, to exist. Willing is not an option. We have to will one way or another. It's the nature of our will that'll be different once we start to grasp the idea above. On the surface, all willing still looks the same though. We'll carry on as usual. "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water."

I suspect one way, our will will be fruitful, profitable and enjoyable and any others not so much. It's not a matter of direction though, as far as our will goes. Direction as an idea is over-rated. Just my opinion, but I think most people are prejudiced to the directions of "up", "forward", "ahead" and "outside". I just don't think directions like "down", "backwards", "behind" and "inside" get their fair shake. Will is an interesting subject in and of itself though, which I'm sure ties into the concept of "purpose", which I'm sure ties into the concept of a thousand other things if the first paragraph above says anything at all. If it doesn't, then nothing really matters anyway. In any case, on we go. Thankfully.