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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cops & Robbers

Real rehabilitation. What the fuck is it? If you measure it by the recidivism rate it's apparently a mostly-fictional occurrence. Unless you consider a thirty-percent success rate acceptable, then hell, you’re rehabilitating people just fine. Other than that, it’s just one big meat-grinder that seems to go on and on for all eternity. The same twenty year-old kid keeps coming into your classroom, only his name has changed from Tyreek to Tyrone to Tyshawn, or from Luis to Pablo to Jose... It’s still the same kid from the same town doing the same crime. Camden. Newark. Trenton. Jersey City. Paterson. These are not cities, these are farm systems for prison. Why can’t they see the game that’s being played? Or maybe they do and it’s me who can’t see the game? In any case, cops and robbers gets old real fast once you realize you’re not playing the game, but just watching from the sidelines. Anyway, what do I know? I'm crazy! Ha-ha ha ha!

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