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Friday, November 25, 2011

It's Never Too Late To Start Doing The Right Thing

Okay, going to back off a bit here... I certainly don't want to come off the grumpy old man-type, or any old-man type for that matter. I'm not bitter and I know ultimately it all falls back on ourselves as to whether we're happy or not. I mean who else could it depend on? It's a decision though, a conscious decision. Do I want and deserve to be happy? If we answer "yes" we will automatically be pulled in one direction. And if we answer "no",  we will automatically be pulled in another. That's just the way it is, I didn't make the rules, but I'm sure as hell not going to keep ignoring them at my own peril either. A martyr I sure don't want to be. Of course, some people believe there are no real rules and we can make up anything we want, which is certainly true to an extent... but... if it's in fact true that there are "roooo-ules", and we can only "imagine" (i.e. dream, believe, think, suppose, pretend... whatever word you want to use that means "try to make-up all by ourselves") things otherwise, then the sooner I come to understand the rules, no... to learn, absorb and incorporate them into my very being, to be one with them, the better off it seems I'll be. To me, anyway.

Do others try and convince us otherwise? Do we try and convince ourselves otherwise? Of course. It's the human condition. We get scared, loose understanding, feel threatened and we act - defensively to an imaginary unreal threat, but hey, we act. We "do" something, because everyone knows that do-ers get things done! The wrong or right thing doesn't matter. Just get it done! And then we can move on to the next thing to "get done". And as long as we keep "getting things done", we won't have to stop and see that we're actually not really getting anything done. We are more just going round and round the same circles with basically the same old problems, with just new names for everything.