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Monday, November 7, 2011

Jail Days, Jail Days, Good Old Golden Bail Days

The truth is, not too many people would pick a jail as their first place of employment, even in today's economy. Alas, somebody has to do it. Not that it doesn't pay fairly well either, but eventually, no matter how well something pays, if it sucks, it still sucks. Money is nice, but soul is nicer. And in the end, you have to choose which one it is you're going to serve. Not that I haven't chosen wrong myself many times. Too many to count, but fortunately I'm finding second chances really are allowed. And sometimes third, and even forth... beyond that you're just being plain stupid. Might be time for the rubber room, and beyond that, well, you're headed for the real hell. A mind is a terrible thing to wastes. Anyway, I digress...

Jails suck and the less people in them the better. Not that we don't need them at all. Obviously some people need to be "detained & retrained", to say the least, but when it becomes a money-making business just to put people in jail, then something's not right. Conflict-of-interest to say the least. But then again, do sheep ever protest?

We (the good ol' U.S. of A.) have the highest prison population on the planet, the most any country has ever had since the dawn of time, since they've been keeping track of such idiotic things. Why? Or better yet, what? What the [insert your favorite swear word here] is going on in this country?

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