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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Second Coming of Common Sense

Twenty years is a long time to get to know someone, not that you ever can fully know anyone one-hundred percent completely, especially if we're ultimately infinite beings just having alleged finite experiences. I mean, no one can know infinity, at least in an intellectual-sense, anyway. Not that we can't be "one" with it. Which I personally think was Jesus' main message. Apparently that upset some folks a real lot and they told him to shut the fuck up or they would basically kill him. Well, he just couldn't shut up, because he knew the truth, and once you KNOW the truth, once you actually SEE it, the truth that we're all one people, one divine human, part of one great being-ness of everything, one infinite-IS-ness, which no one or no thing can ever be outside of, because nothing can be outside of infinity... Once you know this, well, you see it would actually be detrimental to your own health and well-being to deny it. I mean, you'd be denying your own self in essence, because obviously if you're part of the whole shi-bing-sha-bang, whatever you believe, and consequently do, to the whole shi-bing-sha-bang, you'd be believing and consequently doing to yourself. So Jesus just couldn't do that. He was not an idiot. And of course, they tried to kill him like they do with all such people I guess, only this time, they couldn't do it. They thought they did, but we supposedly have first-hand evidence to the contrary that they were, in fact, wrong. "They" being a certain un-accepting mindset. And no, "they" have nothing to do with being Jewish or any other religion. "They", for the most part, are just people afraid of the truth. Since they couldn't kill him, they did the next best thing, they slandered him. They set out to disenfranchise him with lies, damn lies and more goddamn lies till up was down and right was wrong. And it worked for the most part, but it was only temporary, a mere 2000 years of Whisper Down The Lane. But now, the kids are growing up and are no longer satisfied with second-hand information, fairy tales, rumors, gossip and innuendo. They're going right to The Source themselves to find out what's what, the real schism with jism, the whole enchilada, the truth, just like ol' Jesus himself did. The Second Coming of Common Sense. ...We'll get to the miracles later.

But, I think I knew McMullen, despite the overblown bullshit spouted above. He had no reason to lie. Well, except the one about wanting to escape jail. I guess that would have been a pretty good reason to lie. But like I said, it didn't matter anymore. It was now a practical matter for me and $250,000 was what I needed in order to evade a long and painful hospital stay. At best. At worst was dying. If you think that's worse. If not, then maybe you wouldn't have did what I did. But then you wouldn't be enjoying your retirement on some beachfront property right now writing to yourself about how you just committed the perfect crime. Well, not "just" I should clarify. That word implies time and for the most part, these writings are going to be free of that most-convenient concept.