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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Who Done It?

Obviously, there were and still are other "play-ahz" out there in this crazy, yet wildly plausible caper. They will be revealed shorty. None except one who knew what the hell was going on though till it was all over. And for an agonizing split-second, I thought that one would blow the whole thing wide open and send both myself and McMullen up shit's creek (more like raging river) without a paddle (more like arms) and my whole life would pretty much end as I know it. Believe me, it's one thing to work in a jail, but to actually be confined there for any extended period of time? As they say in the joint, I'd probably "hang up". And we're not talking about ending a phone call either. Unless we're talking about the phone line that connects us to this world. ...On other hand, an extended period behind bars would give one more time for the solitary soul-satisfying activities of reading and writing. No matter. I'm here. It worked. We succeeded. The only thing left now is to enjoy and brag about it.

So the fellow in question above, the one who could blow the whole thing sky high, was one Rasheem Bigsbee, Inmate #1357531D. Bigsbee hated McMullen. The kind of hate that on the surface looks like love, but underneath looks more like... well, hate. Bigsbee looked up to McMullen though. For all the wrong reasons, but up, nonetheless. So when those reasons were exposed to the light of day and an intelligence beyond the 3rd grade level, well, it was going to be easy for Bigsbee to put the ol' knife in the 'ol back of his "good buddy" McMullen.

"You know he's got mad money?" Bigsbee revealed to me one day, referring to McMullen's drug dealing days. "He stored mad money and still gotz it."

"Oh yeah? How much we talking about?" I said casually, correcting some classwork, like I didn't really care. And to be honest, at the time, I didn't. This was well before McMullen asked me to help him escape, maybe a year or so. And before I owed Java the Hutt & his "constituents" nearly two-hundred thousand dollars for the privilege of watching football games turn out the exact opposite of how I thought they would. A lot can happen in a year though.

"Mmm, maybe half a mil. Maybe more." Bigsbee responded confidently, waiting for my reaction.

I raised an eye from the paper I was correcting and nodded my head, pursing my lips as if to say, "Not bad." but didn't speak. The figure sure stuck in my head though. ...Half a mil. Maybe more.