If You Like What You Read

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alien Nation

Alienation is not just a bad TV series.

Wondering if these writings are alienating me or uniting me with humanity? Both? Neither? Why even ask such a dumb question? What's the point and who cares if it is or isn't? Get over yourself, man. It doesn't matter.

Or does it? If we already are united it does. Because then I would be fighting against reality if I'm trying to achieve something that's already true on some level other than Channel Z. And obviously it is if you take the time to seriously contemplate the idea. Strip away all the externals and inside we're all the same. United on what we all want. We all want the same thing. Happiness. Regardless of how we believe it's achieved, it's what everyone wants. On that idea we are united. We don't even have to go to the quantum or metaphysical level. It's self-evident.

So we don't have to reinvent the wheel. I certainly don't have to worry about uniting humanity here.  (Whew! What a relief that is.) We're already united. We're one. One thing. One creation. And what we think and do in regards to the One Thing is what we think and do to ourselves, because obviously if there's only One Thing, we're all part of it, whatever "it" is.

What about alienating myself? That seems to be more of an issue. If people don't like what I'm writing, well, they're not going to "like" "me". (Whatever those two words mean.) And what if everyone doesn't like what I'm saying? I'll be all alone. Alienated by my own doing. ...Stupid blog.

Actually though, I'd still be united because I'd still want the same thing everyone else wants, that uniting idea - Happiness. So really it is a dumb question to even ask. Not for the reason I first believed - that I could actually mess it all up and need to be really concerned over it - but only because I imagined I could. We can mess up, but we can't mess up the whole thing, or even anybody else's part in the whole thing, if ultimately we're all responsible for our own part in it. To me, that's strangely comforting and unsettling at the same time.

If the only way to get what we want [i.e. Happiness] is to give it [i.e. Happiness], then the sooner we start giving it [i.e. Happiness], without regard to race, creed, color or hairstyle, the sooner we'll start getting it ourselves. Funny how that works. Kind of how the modern baking system works, as I understand it. Loans create deposits. Only this "bank" has unlimited "funds" and the more we "lend" the more gets "deposited" in our accounts. It's like a perfect design. Somebody knew what they were doing when they created it. And it's something we can put into practice right here and right now. It doesn't cost any money, just the initial effort. I say "initial effort" because I think it gets easier once we throw off the yoke of erroneous expectations and finally grow up and stop blaming circumstances for our circumstances. That kind of thinking just keeps us stuck. It's like a muscle we haven't exercised in a while. Call it the luuuuv muscle.. (No, not that one!)

So nobody's going to come and tap us on the head with a magic wand and suddenly make us happy. And if we don't want to end up eternally blaming our circumstances and the bad people "out there" responsible for it, then we better start taking some responsibility for our current and future circumstances and DO something different, because we all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I once saw a little sign on a desk that said, "Whatever you wish for me, I wish for you a thousand times more." Sounds pretty good at first glance, but I have some reservations. If what we’re wishing is good stuff, no problem. But what if the other guy has the same sign on his desk and we’re not wishing such good stuff? Gets to be kind of like the mirror-in-the-mirror effect. All this bad shit bouncing back and forth for ever and ever, ad infinitum. How about I just wish you peace, love and happiness regardless of whatever it is you wish for me? Seems like a safer bet.