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Friday, March 23, 2012

Just Breathe

Hell is real. I can vouch for that. I worked there. 9 to 5. Pretty good pay. Good benefits. The devil's a tough boss though. Not fair at all. He'll work you hard and make you think you're lazy as shit all the while you're busting your ass for him. The more good you do the more bad you'll think you are. He's the Baskin-Robbins of fear and guilt. 31 flavors. And he plays minds games 24/7 to get you to taste any and all of them, hoping you'll like it and become a regular paying customer. From there, it's all downhill until you wake up and see the game. Yeah, his mind is way sharper than mine right now, that's for sure. At least for now anyway. I'm catching on though, not of my own doing of course. His biggest flaw is, he doesn't want you to succeed at ANYTHING, because your success would hurt him, in his mind anyway. At least anything that's worth succeeding at. It's actually the exact opposite of that though. It's a razor's edge sometimes and can take a while to understand, but it's really quite simple once you do...

What we think of our fellow man we think of ourselves.

And I don't mean that in a general roundabout kind-of-way. I mean every stinkin' little tiny thinkin' thought we think. What we hold true about others we hold true about ourselves because somewhere in the back of our mind we know we are all one. The same Great Being just individualized, but not separate. Once you understand that basic principal though, through and through, you stop shooting yourself in the foot, somewhat. Things will begin to change, almost magically. And then after that, you start to realize that maybe there is a way you can get can back to heaven without actually having to die. I know, I know... it's hard to believe. But that doesn't mean it's not true. And not just because somebody said it was or wasn't so. Experience is the only credible witness in any world, spiritual or otherwise. But if you're not willing to experience something, you usually won't. At least not as soon as you would if you were more more agreeable. Anyway... I don't seem to be going anywhere with this now anymore... so, maybe I'm already there?

Was it Douglas Adams who coined the phrase, "The hours are great, but the minutes suck."? That's what working in hell is pretty much like. It gets worse, but why would you want it to? Surrender. Why be a masochist about it? Don't get me wrong, you can work somewhat comfortably in hell. You can even work there and not work for the devil. Kind of like a subcontractor for the Other Side. In which case it won't be so bad most of the time. But it'll still wear on ya, and after a while and you'll have to get out, just to keep your sanity, and not start believing black is white and up is down and right is wrong and bad is good like everyone else in hell does. And that's your job while you're there I guess. To convince them otherwise. Or at least try. But like I said, it starts to wear on you after a while, and you'd just as soon move on up to a better position in the grand scheme of things than stay there trying to prove your worth or something. You can't teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and only annoys the pig. (Thanks to somebody out there that wrote or said it. It's stuck with me all these years.)

Jail is not a good place no matter what anyone tells you. For whatever reason. There are no jails in heaven. Would you want there to be? No, of course not.

Fuck. Life is hard. Too hard. I can't rely on just myself anymore. It's too hard. And why? For pride? Pride? What have I got to be proud of? I have nothing without God. Not a damn thing. For what could I have that He did not create? Assuming you believe in Him in the first place? It goes way beyond belief though, that's for sure. It goes to your very breath of life. Breathe in life. Breathe it out. Passion. I'm alive. I just want to breathe!

"All I want is to breathe... Won't you breath with me?"

If so, read on.